the old apple 'hello' raster

the person

name is k , i’m 25 a year-old non-binary/agender

you can use neutral pronouns for me

currently lives and works near paris

speaks english and french fluently

likes anything that has to do with technology (code, video, music, etc.)

i am very much pro data rights and against worldwide oppression and fascist ideology

creates mostly ephemeral, always open source pet projects, sometimes

code is hosted on code.eutychia.org

chat with me via matrix at @k:chat.eutychia.org

email is contact [at] juke [dot] fr

donate on ko-fi or liberapay

have a lovely day

reclaim your datas

the site

this website is built on hugo and themed with an old forked afterdark

the source for this blog is available on my git

i have no real clue about how licensing works so here goes nothing, lazysizes.js is mit, afterdark was wtfpl at time of fork, ani-cursor is mit, the cursors are under cc attributed to hhhh, this website itself is licensed under cnplv7+